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Woodygoody  - with love to your children!





WoodyGoody is a company engaged in the production of children's furniture and interesting things for the interior of a child's room. The products are made of clean and safe materials that meet all Euro standards. The products are made from high quality birch plywood which allows it to be light and strong. The products are covered with non-toxic paints and lacquers.


 Tables and chairs, wall units and shelves, benches, toy boxes, Stadiometer, dollhouses, doll furniture, all off this and more can be found in our range of products.


 Our products which are exported throughout Europe make a perfect and memorable gift for a child. It could be his first high chair and table where he/she can develop his/her skills in studies and games. Feedback from our customers has shown that they are well pleased with our interesting designs and the low prices of our products.


  The WoodyGoody range is both durable and of high quality with a long warranty.


 WoodyGoody chairs are used not only by children but also by their parents.



*Production of wooden furniture for children

*Production of wooden children-developing games and toys.


A child familiarizes forms, sizes of things and objects, their location in space, distinguishes colors and sounds, while playing. Getting to know the outward things will help a child to coordinate his motions, to observe and memorize.


Our products will help your child to develop with pleasure and interest, constantly elevating his area of thought.



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